Hip Hop

Le hip hop correspond à une tendance actuelle des jeunes.
En apprenant cette danse ils participent à l’air du temps. Dynamisme, bonne humeur et souplesse sont de mise. Deux niveaux cette année : enfants et ados.
Remarque : on exécute cette danse en baskets.


Enseignante :
Judy Salloum

Judy Salloum is a passionate dancer who trained with hip hop choreographer Charles Makriss, and performed in video clips, shows, and commercials.
Her training included hip hop in all its forms, reggaeton/dancehall and salsa.
She tackled contemporary dance with Corinne Skaff and is currently enrolled in an aerial circus dance program with professional aerialist Seanna Sharpe,  aiming for a graduation from Urban Circus New York. She  is also taking the Meditation Moves Teacher Training with Evangelos Diavolitsis, with the hope of serving her community as much as possible.
Making sure to take part in as many workshops as possible in Lebanon and around the world, Judy intends to keep progressing and sharing her knowledge, passion and love to dance.