Les cours de contemporain s’adressent aux adultes et aux adolescents.

Ils peuvent être pris seuls ou en complément de la danse classique.

La danse contemporaine ouvre de nouvelles perspectives chorégraphiques et explore une nouvelle dynamique du corps où la pesanteur est mise en valeur et exploitée contrairement au ballet classique focalisé sur l’élévation.

La Lemon technique prédomine ici : release and recover.

Enseignante : Corinne Skaff

Corinne Skaff is a Lebanese dance artist and pedagogue. 
She has a BA in Dramatic and Choreographic arts. She studied dance with teachers like Alice Massabki, Pierre Alain Perez, David Hernandez, David Zambrano, Jens Bierregaard, Peter Goss and Kazumi Fushigami.
In 2008, Skaff was a scholarship holder at DanceWEB, Impulstanz in Vienna. 

Her dance journey is completed by her yoga and contact improvisation practice and a deep interest in other somatic practices that influenced her teaching strategies. 

As a pedagogue Skaff bases her research on facilitating learning through experience and movement analysis, one that engages the student physically mentally and emotionally. 
She continues to work on developing her own approach to teaching contemporary technique, contact improvisation and creative movement. She currently teaches at the American Community School in Beirut and at Alice Massabki Dance School and offers regular workshops in other Lebanese dance studios and festivals.

About the class

The 2 hours class is designed to guide the learner through a safe build up based on 2 main parts:

1. Exploration:

The exploration concept is mostly based on warm up and improvisation routine.
It aims at developing creativity, artistic curiosity and freedom in movement, all necessary for contemporary dance. 

2. Technique:

The technique aims at assessing the student's both physical reality and potential. The learner is invited to visit contemporary vocabulary, aesthetics and qualities through a deeper understanding of functional anatomy, appropriate imagery, and relevant dance history.

The technical part covers mainly both floor work and dynamic alignment in standing position through: 

  • Building ease and functionality to moving in and out and across the floor.

  • Moving with awareness of accurate weight transfer and spatiality. 

  • Developing a solid core connection that is able to command the body in different levels and directions of the space, in balance and out of it.

  • Developing strength, functionality and expression in both upper and lower limbs. 

  • Developing different qualities and a general flow in movement transitions.

  • In addition, Corinne Skaff opens the possibility for her students to experiment choreography process, through composed sequences. These acts as a brief training for the performance process:
    Rehearsal, expression, collective work, and an introduction to professional discipline.