The dance studio is located in Jal el Dib, Lebanon, Bsalim Road, in La Plaza Center, right after St. Georges center.

A ballerina figure on a lit signboard indicates our location, and you are welcomed by joyful flowers and plants along the studio windows on the Ground Floor.

Welcome to the dance world!

Two large and spacious studios are available, one dedicated to Classical Ballet at the Ground Floor and the other to Contemporary/Jazz/Hip Hop dance courses and Theatre rehearsals at the second floor.

Both are equipped with dressing rooms, facilities, and a lobby where students can wait, prepare and rest in a large, comfortable area.

Two Parking lots are available, outdoors and indoors.

High points

Studios of an exceptional size, unusual for Lebanon, sixteen square meter by seven.

A soft wooden floor, a genuine parquets protecting dancers from injuries while jumping.

Two lobbies intended to meetings, chatting and dancer preparation and workout.

Proxy to several areas, as Rabieh, Naccache, Jdeideh, Fanar, Zalka, Broumana, Mansourieh and last but not least, Jal el Dib.

Video, DVD and TV facilities, along with a collection of videos for students to watch the best dance movies and shows.

Dance teaching is committed to providing the students the right technique in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance (Lemon, Cunningham and release technique), in a world and time where sport and dance techniques have witnessed a great evolution, caring for the body, and acknowledging the latest kinesthetic discoveries.

Modern and new methods are used with children below 7 years old (refer to Caroline Hatem and Pedagogy).


The academic year is divided in three trimesters framed by Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

Pre-Ballet is offered to children of 4 to 7 years old.

Classical ballet classes are taught twice a week, and that is mandatory for a proper ballet dance education.

The teacher is the sole judge of the student’s class level and group. The dance level is what matters, not the number of years of practice, nor the dancer’s age. This is valid for Ballet technique, over 8 years old.




Ballet and Jazz: Alice Massabki

Pre-Ballet and Contemporary: Caroline Hatem

Student performances

A school performance is programmed every year in June, either in a large theater in town or in the Art& Movement studio.

In 2011, this event is scheduled on June 19th at the Château Trianon Theatre (Zalka Highway).

Rehearsals will be held on Saturdays for most dancers during the last three months.

Art & Movement performances

Examples of past student performances created and directed by Alice Massabki:

How green is my valley, 1998, filmed by Tele Libran

Sylvia, 2007, Shams Theatre

Nutcracker, 2009, Shams Theatre

Professional dance performances

Alice Massabki’s professional dance performances and creations

La Traversée (Al ‘oubour ), 2000, Al Madina Theatre

Le temps arrêté, 2005, Monnot theatre

Till the dust settles, 2008, DBM festival, Al Madina Theatre

Rech Mayya 2010, Monnot Theatre, and 2011, Al Madina Theatre

Conf.You tube : Rech mayya (Kinda Elias), Rech Mayya by, Rechmayya (Issa Skaff)

Studios for rent

If you need to rent the studio either for your own dance training and rehearsals, or for private classes, or theatre and music rehearsals, the Art & Movement Studio offers:

Two large studios (16mx7m) with facilities (W.C., shower, special lighting equipment, wooden floor, two windows, black curtains on one wall, dressing room).